16558708-Cisco-Ccna-Exploration-June-09 Dissertation

Refer to the exhibit. Believe all gadgets are using arrears configurations. Just how many subnets are required to talk about the topology that is displayed? 1



a few


Two routers are connected by way of their serial ports within a lab environment. The routers are configured with valid IP details, but they are unable to ping one another. The demonstrate interface serial0/0 command shows that the serial0/0 interface increased but the range protocol is definitely down. Might be the cause of this matter? The simply no shutdown control has not been put on the cadre. *The time clock rate command word has not been moved into on the DCE interface. The interface timers are not eliminated.

The FastEthernet interface is emulating a serial user interface by determining it a timing sign.

Refer to the exhibit. When ever computer A sends a frame to computer D, what pcs receive the frame? *only computer system D

only computer A and laptop D

only computer B, computer C, and computer system D

all computers

When ever connectionless protocols are integrated at the reduce layers in the OSI style, what is usually used to recognize that the info was received and to ask for the retransmission of lacking data? IP UDP


a connectionless acknowledgement

*an upperВ­layer, connectionВ­oriented protocol or service

Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to reach host N on the distant network. A technician attempted to ping the local gateway and the ping was successful. To verify the host setup, the tech issued the ipconfig control. What is the likely source of the problem? The neighborhood NIC can be incorrectly designed.

The subnet mask on host A is inaccurately configured. The IP address about host A is improperly configured. *The default gateway on web host A is usually incorrectly designed.

Refer to the exhibit. Web host C has the capacity to ping 127. 0. 0. 1 effectively, but is not able to communicate with hosts A and B in the organization. What is the likely cause of the situation? Hosts A and W are not on a single subnet since host C.

The IP addresses for the router dramon interfaces are wrong.

*The subnet hide on web host C is improperly configured.

The FastEthernet interface fa0/0 of router 1 can be wrongly designed.

A course-plotting issue features occurred in your internetwork. Which in turn of the pursuing type of equipment should be reviewed to separate this error? access point host




Refer to the exhibit. Web host A uses router A as its arrears gateway. If perhaps host A sends an ICMP indicate request to 172. of sixteen. 10. zero, what ICMP response is going to host A receive. indicate reply origin quench course redirection

*destination unreachable

What information can be gathered by using the command netstat? the default gateway the routing process

*active TCP connections

the locally designed subnet cover up

Refer to the exhibit. A technician is usually working on a network problem that requires confirmation of the router LAN program. What address should be pinged from this number to confirm that the router software is detailed? 127. zero. 0. 1

192. 168. 64. 196

*192. 168. 254. you

192. 168. 254. being unfaithful

192. 168. 254. 254

A LAPTOP OR COMPUTER can not connect with any distant websites, ping its default gateway, or ping an inketjet printer that is operating properly on the local network segment. Which in turn action can verify the TCP/IP stack is performing correctly about this PC? Use the ipconfig /all command at the host's order prompt. *Use the titled ping 127. 0. 0. one particular command at the command quick.

Use the traceroute command in the command quick to identify any failures on the path to the entrance. Use FTP to check for connectivity to remote sites.

Download a troubleshooting application from the COMPUTER manufacturer's internet site.

A user recognizes the command word prompt: Router(configВ­if)#. What process can be performed as of this mode? Reload the device. Conduct basic tests.

*Configure specific interfaces.

Set up individual airport terminal lines.

Because of a security breach, the router passwords should be changed. What information may be learned in the following settings entries? (Choose two. ) Router(config)# collection vty...