1984 and Equilibrium - Battle for seperate Freedom

 Essay on 1984 and Equilibrium -- Battle for seperate Freedom

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Comes to an end, June seventh, 2013

Challenges for Individual Independence

Dystopia can be an thought place or perhaps state in which everything is usually unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or ecologically degraded a single (The Free of charge Dictionary). Attributes of a dystopian society are shown through George Orwell's novel 1984, and in the 2002 film Equilibrium directed by Kirk Wimmer. Winston Smith, in 1984, is known as a lower rated member of contemporary society, with an outer party member work. He is watched twenty-four several hours a day, 7 days a week through telescreens create throughout Oceania. He constantly finds the Party's omniscient leader looking back; often known as Big Brother. Winston becomes over-whelmed with all of the strict rules he has to follow and begins to have thought crimes on the government. Winston has to be mindful or he could find him self in a sticky situation while using government, reduce the love of his lifestyle, Julia, and become sentenced to death as a result of his rebellion against the Get together by planning to be a person; instead of a automatic robot. Cleric John Preston, in Equilibrium, lives in a cutting-edge world in which a strict program has eradicated war simply by suppressing thoughts. Preston is a top ranked government agent responsible for doing damage to those who withstand the rules. If he misses a dose of Prozium, a mind-altering medicine that impacts human feelings, Preston, who has to enforce the tight laws, suddenly becomes anyone over-throwing the us government and attempts out individual freedom. Dehumanization, social category disparity and abuse of power Duhamel 2

are strong themes that Winston and Preston have to overcome on their fights to specific freedom.

Dehumanization is to deny of individual qualities', just like individualism, consideration, or calmness (The Free of charge Dictionary). George Orwell's book 1984's primary character Winston Smith encounters dehumanization in everyday living in Oceania. Winston has been upon food rations for many years, there exists very little no medical care in Oceania. This can be shown the through sort of Winston having a large ulcer on his rearfoot. The Brotherhood and Emmanuel Goldstein have " brainwashed” most of the individuals of Oceania by making sure they cannot feel any emotion; thus leaving them incredibly robotic and programmed. However , Winston says, " If you have any hope left, that lies in the proles”(Orwell 72) because the proles make up eighty-five percent from the population and in addition they still have a lot of emotion demonstrated towards the other person. Winston desires he could be such as the Proles. The brand new language that is being enforced in Oceania is called newspeak. The language is created to mainstream conversation among citizens and eliminate any science-based answers. In Oceania posters cover every road corner that say, " Big Brother is definitely watching you. ” Your government has the ability to view the people of Oceania by the telescreen that are concealed and positioned throughout the metropolis. The telescreen help the government to check up on the people, and make sure that they're following the strict rules and regulations. The citizens of Oceania are afraid of the government plus the four ministries (truth, take pleasure in, plenty, and peace) since if that they double-think which is a crime that requires questioning answers the government has told these to be correct. For example 2+2=5 not 5. If residents question the answer they can be imprisoned. If individuals Duhamel a few

commit a thought-crime which can be anything the Party considers is illegal then you can be arrested because of it and taken to the Ministry of Love, and sent to Room 101. Some people that have entered Space 101 have never been seen again. Any slight accusation of rebellion against the Party will have a few citizens vaporized. Once a person has been vaporized, citizens in Oceania aren't allowed to cry. They are required to move on utilized to as if anybody vaporized never existed.

Winston works inside the Ministry of Truth building, rewriting traditional documents. Every day at eleven in the...