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a couple of Fast 2 Furious


In order for a director for making an audience experience in a certain way, the director would want to do particular things with all the camera, editing, sound and simply by showing specific things (Mise-en-scene). I will be examining these factors in the open sequence for the film ‘2 Fast 2 Furious'. Editing and enhancing

The film starts off having a group of men and women getting off the back of a pickup truck in the middle of the night. At first I thought which the people are youngsters just creating a little party in the back of the trunk but since the picture goes on I actually realise that their carrying out something very different, they're going to road ends and blocking away roads having a ‘road closed' sign. Through the opening pattern of the film, there's a lot of quick cuts for different angels. This makes what's happening in the landscape more anxious and energetic, this also draws in the audience's interest because it causes them to be interested. For instance , the shot keeps changing from person to person because they go around dropping the street cones and highway signs, this shows all their trying to undertake it quickly and could suggest their particular running against time or something big is about to take place. Shortly after, one of the primary characters can be introduced, Tej, a auto mechanic. Tej won't just work with any automobiles, he specialises in luxury cars and avenue racing automobiles. The camera has an extreme close-up when he finishes his conversation on the phone, then moves to an developing type taken, showing the place is Tej's Garage with dozens of luxury cars and people ready to race. Shortly after, the main figure Brian, can be introduced when he drives together with his supercar and all the other individuals cheering to get him and shaking his hand when he comes out his automobile. Brian difficulties another drivers to a race and a few other pushes pay directly into join. Because the drivers are lining up for the race, the strain for the group is already building because they will know an illegal...