A Synopsis from the Movie Twilight: New Celestial satellite

 Essay about A Synopsis with the Movie The twilight series: New Celestial body overhead

Twilight: New Moon


Title: Twilight: New Celestial body overhead

Season: 2009

Director: Bob Weitz

Writers: Stephanie She (novelist) and Melissa Rosenburg (screenplay) Actors/Actresses: Robert Pattinson-Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart-Bella Swan, Taylor Lautner-Jacob Black, Ashley Greene-Alice Cullen


This motion picture is the sequel to The twilight series, which was a significant hit in 2008. In the first film Bella Swan falls in appreciate with a goule. The vampire, Edward Cullen, is extremely protective of Bella and tries to continue to keep her safe. In Fresh Moon Edward cullen feels the only method to protect Belissima is to break her heart so she won't adhere to him. However after Edward leaves Bella comes one on one with hazard and the simply protection this lady has is her long-time good friend Jacob who she understands is a werewolf. By the end with the movie Bella is ripped between her love to get the werewolf and the vampire.


My target is on scene eight where Belissima is faced with the Cullen's vampire compete with, LaRon. LaRon's intent is always to kill Bella now that Edward has left her defenseless. The scene is defined in the field where Edward first appeared to Bella in his true contact form. When the sunlight shined about Edward his skin glistened like diamonds. At that time the meadow was beautiful, the grass was green, the flowers were in lively full full bloom, and the sunlight shined straight down so dazzling. Now that Edward has left the meadow is usually dead, the grass offers turned dark brown, all the flowers are gone, plus the lighting is definitely low and gloomy. I like to think of this like a metaphor to Bella's heart how it absolutely was alive and vibrant with Edward's existence and is now dull and a part of her has passed away. Also you find her within a dangerous situation being face to face with LaRon without Edward being generally there to protect her like ahead of. Then Jacob appears inside the scene in his werewolf contact form to protect Belissima. However at this moment she does not realize it really is Jacob. In this article we are viewing Jacob in the true type appear to Belissima just as Edward cullen...