An analysis and respond to William Blake's Visions in the Daughters of Albion and a commentary involving the themes of various harmful forms of clampdown, dominance

 An analysis and respond to William Blake’s Visions from the Daughters of Albion and a comments involving the themes of various damaging...

William Blake's Visions in the Daughters of Albion is known as a representation of the author's convictions concerning clampdown, dominance and physical and spiritual slavery. Oothoon, Blake's heroine, is controlled by the denial of two men who have are unable to offer her while using pure, harmless love the girl so wishes. Upon plucking Leutha's blossom, Oothoon implies that she's ready to experience a man. The first she encounters, Bromion, rapes her, then statements he features impregnated her, making her his ownership. Theotormon, the item of Oothoon's affection, binds Bromion wonderful newfound fan together, penalizing them because of their display of sexuality, since seen in the frontispiece menu. Theotormon's life is ruled simply by Urizen, his vision of God--a vision Oothoon condemns because it motivates " self enjoyings of self denial" (7. 9). Theotormon simply cannot concede to Oothoon's announced love because he is so certain by his religion. Oothoon therefore , is unable to love anyone in her triangle mainly because both repress her take pleasure in.

When Bromion rapes Oothoon he proclaims:

Thy very soft American flatlands are acquire, and mine thy north & to the south:

Stampt with my ecchymose are the swarthy children from the sun:

They may be obedient, that they resist certainly not, they comply with the scourge:

Their children worship dangers and follow the violent. (Blake 1 . 20-23)

The " soft American plains" are Oothoon's body as well as the physical terrain that Bromion shows not any remorse desecrating. The " swarthy children of the sun" are the slaves he offers control over. Bromion's philosophy will be based upon power produced from material possession and fermage. Even libido is a way of domination, while after he rapes Oothoon he proclaims, " Today thou maist marry Bromion's harlot" (2. 2). It is assumed that Bromion is speaking to Theotormon if he adds, " and safeguard the child of Bromion's rage" (2. 2-3). By raping Oothoon, Bromion not only takes her virginity, but acquires her because his ownership. Even though she actually is passed on to Theotormon, she has been experienced by Bromion and...