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 Andy Warhol Essay

1024-7 November 27th, 2012

The Story of your Beautiful Companionship

" Various works of literature offer wish close relationships. ” In the novel Of Rodents and Guys, by Steve Steinbeck, the two protagonists have a close relationship. George Milton and Lennie Small are two migrant workers who have travel about Salinas Area, California, inside the 1930's through the Great Depression. Unquestionably, George and Lennie have an effect on each other in both confident and adverse ways.

George Milton and Lennie Small are definitely the two main characters who also share a very good bond through the entire novel. George Milton is a responsible guy who chose to take in and care for his friend. George takes care of Lennie and doggie snacks Lennie just like a brother or a son. Among the this is how this individual speaks to Lennie, " `Lennie! ` he stated sharply, " Lennie, intended for God, sakes don't beverage so much. ”… " Lennie. You will be sick as if you was yesterday evening. `” How George speaks to Lennie is how a big brother or a father will speak to his son. Plainly, George cares for Lennie and doesn't want to see him unwell. Also sometimes George will get very frustrated or inflammed with Lennie. He displays this if he gets disappointed with Lennie George says, " Whatsoever we isn't got. That is what you want. God a 'mighty, if I was alone I can live thus easy…” George says this when he gets upset with Lennie and he continues a rant about how he could check out a cat property with his fifty bucks. One other trait regarding George is the fact he is a leader. George present that he could be a leader if he needs Lennie to do a thing. George may instruct Lennie to defend him self against Curly, when Ugly is conquering Lennie. " `Get ‘im, Lennie! `……… George screamed again, " I explained get him. `” From this part Curly, the bosses son, starts to beat up Lennie. Clearly George acts as a leader when he explains to Lennie to protect himself. Furthermore George cares about Lennie and doesn't need Lennie injure. The other main character, Lennie, may be the man George takes care of. Lennie has...