Angels and Demons reflection

 Angels and Demons reflection Research Newspaper


It Angels and Demons I really believe promotes a powerful contrasting connotation of mental illness. Throughout the interviews it is usually seen how it may be a bittersweet knowledge for each person with mental ill well being. It had never occurred to me that any person no matter the case of mental illness may possess any confident experience with it. One of the themes of the selection interviews, Heidi says that the girl receives a sense of enjoyment throughout the art that she makes via the visual and audio hallucinations this lady has because she's able to " draw photographs that [she] sees which a cameras cannot take a picture of”. As opposed Heidi echoes of the mental torment this lady has with the inner conflict she has daily to " merely keep very little in the world”. Many people have a universal conception of certain mental illnesses and fail to view the unique advantages of each individual. Through the entire interviews it can be seen just how diverse each person's skill sets happen to be. In each of the interviews it truly is demonstrated how beneficial it could be for anybody with mental illness to have people helping him/her toward " taking a look at the person as a whole person and what they can achieve instead of looking at the illness that they have”; and operating towards highlighting the person's functional talents (Hungerford, 2012, p70). Sandy Jeffs is among the many who may have worked towards her skill sets of humour, poems, and public speaking to battle the ‘demons' she has which she refuses to let eliminate her existence. Through these kinds of interviews it is usually seen the fact that bittersweet experience people with mental illness have got, could be built more sweet than bitter by observing the person since an individual with unique skillsets which can be worked on to perhaps achieve a thing.


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