Anna Wintour Assignment

 Anna Wintour Assignment Essay

104LON- Introduction to Efficiency Behaviour

The Leadership Design of Anne Wintour

Nawid Obaydi

British delivered Anna Wintour, born upon November third 1948 is a current editor in key of world renowned fashion publication ‘Vogue'. Having started her career popular in the early on 1970's working at Harpers and Full in London, Ould - Wintour has decades of experience inside the fashion industry and is seen as one of the most influential figures in the fashion world. Anna Wintour was created to a dad who was manager of the ‘London Evening Standard', it was very clear that Ould - adopted her stern and tough operating attitude via her dad who was known as ‘Chilly Charlie' within the multimedia world due to his cold demeanour that can compare with his girl who is called ‘Nuclear Wintour'. Anna Wintour's leadership style adopts a really authoritarian design approach because it is noticeable she has very clear expectations about how precisely work should be carried out, in what style and within which time span. As a result of her dominating attitude within the work place, it is also very obvious that there is a division involving the editor-in-chief of Vogue and the rest of the enterprise; non-etheless Ould - does incorporate certain aspects of a democratic leader such as being consulted by her Creative Overseer Grace Coddington which demonstrates that Anna will not make decisions based on her sole input but rather allows her decisions to be influenced by all those around her which therefore shows that Ould - does not combine one particular management style but rather a mixture of both equally authoritarian and democratic. ‘The Devil Has on Prada' is a multi-award successful motion picture and this is based on Anna Wintour and her operating and home life, although Anna argues the film would not portray a realistic view of Anna Wintour, some authorities argue that the true Anna Wintour can be seen within the film. Coming from judging Ould - Wintour, it truly is evident that she switches into a very humanistic approach within her...

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