Antigone, Julius Caesar, and The Matrix

 Antigone, Julius Caesar, and The Matrix Composition

Teylor Parks

Ms. Philip

World Literature and Composition-Period two

19 January 2013

Concluding Performance Job: Part W

Since its breakthrough, literature has been defined simply by elaborate plotlines, skillful options, and a notable motif. However , the main aspect of a fantastic story is definitely the lead figure. Protagonist Antigone and Brutus both exhibit unique characteristics that influence their inspirations. In Sophocles' greek misfortune Antigone, the title character is forced to make a decision among her brother's burial and her uncle's decree. Nevertheless , her solid will and stubborn individuality causes her to overlook her uncle's proclamation, and take her own stance. In lines 85-87 of Landscape 2, the Choragus said, " Just like father, like daughter: both headstrong, hard of hearing to cause! She has hardly ever learned to yield. ” This immediate characterization by the Choragus demonstrates that Antigone is very obdurate. As for William Shakespeare's drama The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus need to make a choice among joining the conspirators or perhaps allowing Caesar to continue his rise in electric power. Brutus' gullibility and commitment to Ancient rome caused him to land victim of deception. Influenced by Cassius' remarks, Brutus reflects in Act 2, " It should be by his death; and for my part. I know zero personal trigger to spurn at him. But for the overall, ” This shows that although Brutus does not have rationale to kill Caesar; he is willing to commit homicide for the excellent of his kingdom. Furthermore, Brutus connects to the conspiracy after studying false words from the public; this demonstrates that Brutus is very unsuspecting. Both Antigone and Brutus' decisions will be influenced by simply not only their very own character attributes and motivations, but the repeated appearance of fate and freewill. In Andy and Lana Wachowski's The Matrix, main character Neo are at a constant fight with fate and freewill. Presented the choice between the truth and his perceived actuality, Neo requires control of his own success and chooses the truth as a crimson pill. Nevertheless ,...