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 Essay about Apple. Com

Title: Apple Computer, Inc.

Author: William N. Cobbs

Professor/Instructor: Doctor D. Button

Course: SHUTTLE BUS 499

This summer 8, 2012

1). Explain the key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer system.

Ans). The key strategic issues facing Apple Computer would be the efforts which is centered in trying to keep its competition from increasing while trying to exceed the already mild year of sales in the first week going above one million dollars after the release from the " Apple's Tunes On-line Music Store”. However , Apple could not quit there…with competition as fierce as it is from other startup companies illegal and legal, Apple decided to capture at capitalizing the market simply by yet another " before the time” technology, the personal pc. Still the public has not been satisfied; the cry now was for a system that was compatible.

With this in mind Apple took over a new plight putting up a new challenge and revamping to their opinion- the fact that was first, a change in its bureaucratic structure. With this advent Apple consumed the intake of another company with the same interest with the desires of soundly breaking the competitive edge. When any company upset its system the challenge then simply is to hope for a smooth move with ever increasing sales. Ground breaking personnel should always be looked upon to create ideas that could contribute to increased profit margins, even more locations that will also be a benefactor not to mention arguably the main factor of any consumable good…satisfied customers.

These change tail incidents helped to revolutionize Apple's goal and surpass companies that have been traditionally known to be stronger venues than Apple. The iPod, Apple TV, and iphones which usually had almost all face the threat of lower priced competitors and feasible substitutes at this point seem to be within the feet with new financing partners and expansion tasks that officially and positively led to the company's new official name…Apple Pcs, Inc.

2). Describe the dimensions along which company...