Applying the Five Topics of Location to the Film, Crazy Hong Kong

 Essay regarding Applying the Five Themes of Geography to the Film, Crazy Hong Kong

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Mrs. Turbone


19 September 2013

Geography Themes

In humanities, I have already been learning about the five designs of location; location, place, region, activity, and individual environment discussion. The objective is usually to find the five themes in a movie of my own choice. I selected the film Crazy Hong Kong for this task. This motion picture is about a great African bushman called In! xau whom finds himself lost inside the bustling associated with Hong Kong, hundreds of miles away from his residence. As he results, he foils some gemstone thieves and teaches a wealthy businesswoman that there is even more to life than just a luxurious way of life and money.

The first motif I will go over is area, where the film took place. Family member compares that to another location and absolute may be the exact location. The absolute area of Hong Kong is 22В°N, 114В° At the. Hong Kong is definitely South of Shenzhen. Position is important to daily life since it differentiates the customs and lifestyles are of people from different areas.

The second concept of the geography is definitely place. Place is what the setting is like, in physical and man ways. Actually, Hong Kong provides lots of mountains, birds, and beaches. The human characteristics of Hong Kong will be things like the citizenry, which is Chinese, congested roads, many suppliers, and the very tall properties for non commercial business and business. The theme of place helps provide information about a place.

Region is the third theme of geography I would really like to discuss. Location explains activities such as what the location is like. Officially, Hong Kong with the South Far eastern region of China. It is similar to various other regions by simply its great business and agriculture. Region is significant because it even comes close and contrasts areas to one another.

Your fourth theme of geography is human environment discussion. H. E. I. (human environment interaction) is just how people adapt to their environment or transform their environment to suit their needs. In the video, N! xau must find out basics of civilized living,...