April Fool's Day time

 April Fool’s Day Dissertation

Seeing that I was a youngster I liked April Fool's Day. Everyone knows that 04 Fool's Time is a time that we have awesome and enjoy a comedies on our family members and friends and friends and family. Sometimes I play some heartless and cruel comments on my friends and family and I learned my lesson. Last year, in April Fool's Day I used to be so tired and nothing to do at home and decided to terrify my cousin. I referred to as her and I started sobbing hysterically and told her that her best friend Diana got got into a terrible car accident and she's in intensive attention in Bloomington hospital and can't awaken. I i am at the medical center now speaking with her doctor and this individual said her condition is indeed bad and he could not tell she is going to be okay. My aunty said that Undra you happen to be joking this can't be true because she is a good drivers and also it's Bloomington seriously, how come the girl got into a accident, the lady said and i also was like so why would I lie to you personally, it is not a faiytale if you don't believe that me you can talk to the physician I explained. She started crying and she declared that she's coming to Bloomington via Chicago immieadetly and the lady hung up the telephone. I was laughing so hard and may not noticed that it was a heartless and cruel scam. After 2 or 3 hours afterwards she learned that was a joke and called me personally how dare you scam like that, regardless if it's a joke that is a omen and stuck. Later in the evening Diana referred to as me with angry tone of voice and said, Undra bless you so much for the story of my death which was a excellent joke and hung up. It was a bad working day and I should never have joked like that and today I am being so careful even if I scam.