Argument and Persuasion Composition

 Argument and Persuasion Essay

Morgan O'Neal

December 13, 2011


Argument and Persuasion Dissertation

Price intended for Healthy Living

Consuming unhealthy foods is among the major causes of obesity today; but should certainly there be a higher taxes on all soft drinks and junk food? Should certainly people become punished intended for eating what they wish? Yes, you will discover health risks affiliated with an unhealthy diet plan but is known as a higher challenging on these food types the right alternative? With the value of healthcare raising probably the extra taxes could help minimize it, probably not. Probably the higher tax will have a negative impact from ordering unhealthy foods and drinks. Consuming unwholesome foodstuff can lead to clogged arteries, center attacks and many more fatal health problems. Buying the more healthy substitute can help our region with its obesity crisis.

In the current society obesity is one of the biggest health risks. The majority obesity originates from people's own decisions. It is about down to the intake of calories plus the burning of calories. " Activity is usually not the perfect solution – weight loss run off a Coke or an ice-cream cone or perhaps candy bar quickly – it will require a lot of exercise to offset an extra hundred calories” (Rheuban). Motivation to make improvements should be the absolute goal to focus on.

If the government made a higher tax on fast foods and fizzy drinks, it would motivate healthier eating. Lawmakers site the effect upon taxes about cigarette intake, " research prove that for each ten percent increase in price, cigarette consumption decreases by several percent for youth and about 4 percent across the board” (Farkondepay). Fresh York's Texas chief David Patterson, tried engaging this idea last year when he presented an 18 percent tax in soda, which usually got turned down. However , even more Americans are gaining fascination and beginning to buy into his plan. " A Kaiser Family Basis poll in July found that fifty-five percent of men and women favored a tax in unhealthy snacks while 53 percent recognized a rise in soda taxes” (Farkondepay). Helping this higher tax deal will...

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