Fine art History Section 13 Quiz

 Art History Chapter 13 Quiz Article

CHAPTER 13 – Test Bank

Multiple-Choice Questions

1 . Which best describes Renaissance humanism?

a. examine of human nature

b. human-based culture

c. revival of Classical texts

d. a Christian bias

Answer: c

2 . Leonardo Bruni was

a. a humanist.

n. chancellor of Florence.

c. a historian.

d. many of these: a humanist, a historian, and chancellor of Florencia. e. None of them of these answers is correct.

Answer: d

3. Which two metropolitan areas were the majority of at the front of early on humanism? a. Venice and Rome

n. Florence and Padua

c. Rome and Florence

m. Siena and Florence

electronic. Siena and Padua

Solution: b

some. In the fifteenth century, the ________ of Florence were the great customers. a. Urbini

b. Innocenti

c. popes

d. Medici

Answer: m

5. That is not a feature of Bruni's tomb?

a. Its sculptor was Marzocco.

b. Lions really are a part of their iconography.

c. It merges Christian and Classical motifs.

d. The effigy of Bruni lies on a bier.

Answer: a

6. Who have of the subsequent was NOT a condottiere?

a. Federico de uma Montefeltro

m. Sir Ruben Hawkwood

c. Erasmo de uma Narni

deb. Niccolò weil Tolentino

electronic. Leon Battista Alberti

Response: e

7. Which publisher goes with which will text?

a. Dante – History of the Florentine Persons

b. Brunelleschi – Commentarii

c. Alberti – Lives of the Most Superb Painters, Sculptors, and Are usually d. Masaccio – Sobre Pictura (On Painting)

e. Bruni – Laudatio with the City of Florencia

Answer: e

8. That are some of the causes of Ghiberti's triumph in the competition of 1401? a. His relief was less expensive to cast and even more monumental than Brunelleschi's. b. His comfort was less expensive and more graceful.

c. His relief was more expensive, although also more elegant.

d. His relief was more thunderous, more first, and he had political cable connections. Answer: n

9. Ghiberti's style is

a. aligned by orthogonals of authentic perspective.

w. realistic.

c. classically encouraged.

d. Each one of these answers are right.

Answer: g

10. Which usually best defines " foreshortening”?

a. lowering of scale

n. placing a smaller object in front of a larger target

c. a twist with the waist

deb. depicting a form in perspective

Answer: g

11. That is not a feature of the Hospital from the Innocents? a. arcades

n. round curve

c. Doric columns

m. pediments

at the. bays

Answer: c

12. Brunelleschi do many things, but he would not

a. design the dome of Florence Cathedral.

w. study historical buildings and monuments in Rome, rediscovering antique proportions and measurements. c. work in Florence.

deb. use the Colosseum as his model pertaining to the Ospedale degli Innocenti. Answer: d

13. Which usually of the subsequent is Not really a feature of Brunelleschi's style for the Church of Santo Spirito? a. Latin cross prepare

b. a flat ceiling

c. chapels about three sides

d. stained-glass windows

electronic. round rebattu

Answer: deb

14. ________ is awarded with the Renaissance invention of linear perspective. a. Ghiberti

b. Brunelleschi

c. Uccello

d. Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: m

15. Which in turn of the following is true of one-point perspective? a. Orthogonals are staying at the disappearing point.

b. Orthogonals manage from right to left on the picture planes.

c. Orthogonals are at right angles towards the floor with the painted space. d. Orthogonals are not used.

Answer: a

16. The artist who Vasari falsely accused of being as well obsessed with perspective was a. Piero della Francesca.

b. Mantegno.

c. Uccello.

d. Masaccio.

e. Brunelleschi.

Answer: c

17. The term paradiso because used in reference to Ghiberti's entry doors means a. the Garden of Eden.

m. the example of Dante.

c. the room between a cathedral as well as its baptistery.

g. the dome of the cathedral.

e. the dome of the baptistery.

Response: c

18. The medal of Steve VIII Palaeologus was solid by

a. Alberti.

b. Matteo de' Pasti.

c. the Subtil emperor.

m. Pisanello.

Solution: d

19. Which is NOT a brand new, Renaissance feature of Masaccio's Holy Trinity? a. a barrel-vault with coffers

m. architectural varieties established by...