Assignment 1a

 Assignment 1a Essay

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Assessment own capability to motivate, delegate and encourage others

For almost any business to reach your goals it needs determined employees. They are the single most important factor in the long term success of the organisation. Personal strength refers to the employee's feeling of being effective, in control and influential. Furthermore, empowerment favorably impacts motivation, and motivation leads to improved productivity.

Maslow's pecking order of needs provides a foundational theory. This states that every employees have some basic demands that must initial be satisfied in order to provide the framework for further motivation and empowerment. You will discover five levels in the structure:

Physiological needs

Safety and security requires

Love or perhaps belonging requirements

Esteem demands

Self modernisation needs

Maslow suggested that employees are unable to move to the next stage of the hierarchy until the lower-level needs have been completely satisfied Once basic requires have been achieved, employee determination becomes more advanced and is extremely dependent on individual needs and desires. What motivates one worker may not necessarily motivate one other.

To be successful in motivating personnel to experience empowered and achieve performance in their jobs, managers have to be attuned to these individual personal preferences. Taking the time to understand individual worker needs is definitely an important first step in building a motivated and empowered staff. (, sixth Feb 2015) In 1959 Frederick Herzberg developed the Two-Factor theory of motivation. His research showed that certain factors were the true motivators or satisfiers. They are really:



Work on its own




Care factors, as opposed, created unhappiness if these were absent or inadequate. Health factors:

Pay out and Benefits

Company plan and administration

Relationship with colleagues



Task Security

Functioning conditions

Personal life

Unhappiness could be...