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5. Benchmarking general issue (soalan publik benchmarking lihat soalan search engine marketing lalu) -- Reason for benchmarking

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- Soalan search engine optimization lalu (although benchmarking is a popular management technique many companies are not involved in the benchmarking process. How come? Why do you consider that a lot of firms prevent benchmarking? Are any of the causes valid? Why or why not? ) Solution

The reason why a few organization did not in interested benchmarking method is because * Customer provides different need and need.

2. Businessman has their own own believed when getting close to or creating business. 2. Because corporation is in " safe zone”. Don't resolve something that is definitely not busted * 1) A meaningful benchmark study requires an apples-to-apples evaluation. But not most companies are structured the same way. Various have departments with amazing names and complex capabilities comprised of personnel with non-traditional titles and roles with varying degrees of responsibility. The processes and system being maintained often have the same degree of variability and intricacy.

2. 2) This kind of variability needs a common construction be applied to stabilize the benefits – to make everything appear like an apple. The framework is usually provided by the consultancy and if your company does not buy into the validity from the framework, the analysis begins to loose credibility.

* 3) The process of mapping a company to the benchmark framework is a really tedious and subjective piece of content. If you don't find the mapping right, the study manages to lose more trustworthiness. People continue to question the motives behind commissioning the study.

2. 4) Collecting data can in many cases be subjective. Should you be simply yanking data off of servers after that it's a stroll inside the playground. But in many the study requires that human beings enter data into sources provided by the consultancy. How many people in your division provide function x? Hmmm…. if allocates too many people...