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 Fat Taxes Essay

" Fat Tax”

Imposing a fat tax in saturated excess fat, junk foods, sodas, etc . would be best as a result of many health and money related issues that it could possibly solve. A fat tax could help control various health problems the us is facing today by giving some motivation to buy much healthier foods. Demanding these certain foods may help control the way people eat and in turn change lifestyles to more healthy ones than now. The healthier standards of living would support lower how much money spent on health care, in turn lowering costs. The taxes, along with saving the us money, would also create large income helping to boost the economy and pull out from the debt crisis. Many other countries have started taxing fatty foods and have produced excellent revenue as a result of levies. The tax might pose several problems at first, but in the long run will dominate and develop great increases for the nation. In order for a tax to work, it will have to be carried out correctly. A really organized procedure, in which the accurate fatty food would be taxed in order to target certain goods that create health issues, would be a start off.

The United States in general is becoming a very unhealthy society because of how Americans consume. Fast food restaurants are section of the main cause because of their cost and convenience. It is so simple for people to neglect cooking healthy foods and just stop off by McDonalds to seize a quick hamburger. " The us obesity level has reached up to 34% according to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention” (Salahi 1). A fat duty could possibly gradual the consumption of these fatty foods and fast foods, which in turn would reduce the obesity numbers. Obesity is not every that these oily foods are triggering; there is also heart problems, diabetes, and many others, all of which happen because of tendencies. Imposing a tax on the fatty food that cause these conditions could replace the behavior with the consumers (Vijayaraghavan 1). A good example of behavior change is gas prices, the higher gas prices have altered the types of vehicles being made. When a tax was levied on junk foods, sugary sodas, etc ., generally there should also be considered a price drop in fruits, water, and healthier foods, which would push the consumer to buy the healthy foods. In the event consumers could begin to buy these better foods, the death level of about 300, 1000 people each year will drop (Chouinard 22). Studies have demostrated that the healthier the person, a lot more productive they usually is due to an active way of life. The fat tax, if powerful, could possibly develop a healthier, more comfortable, and more fruitful society in general. If the region becomes more healthy as a whole, then a lot of federal government spending will begin depleting causing huge gains in Medicare and Medicaid wherever costs have got doubled during the past ten years. The government could then simply use that money that will put towards other areas needing improvement in health-care.

Although taxing certain foods will create huge revenue for the nation, along with decreasing the large bills intended for health care, which in turn citizens are taxed intended for anyway. " The Congressional Budget Office predicts, which has a three nickle tax, a fat tax may produce 24 billion dollars within 4 years” (Salahi 1). That type of revenue could cause great opportunities for equally state and federal govt funding pertaining to other areas needing improvement. Seventeen states in the usa already have certain taxes upon junk food which will produces about one billion extra income dollars yearly. If the Usa would impose these fees nation-wide, that might be an extra forty five billion dollars of revenue to a damaged economy and may help the personal debt crisis greatly (Drinkard 1). As well as producing a large income for the nation, if successful with obesity, a fat taxes would also drop the health-care expenditures which are around one hundred billion dollars annually. The amount of money saved on health-care,...