Booker To. Washington

 Booker To. Washington Essay

Aaliyah Chaney

Ms. Miller


18 December 2012

The American Detrimental War

The Civil War was a warfare that was fought involving the states inside the early 1860's. It was one of the greatest wars in American history. Over a million people fought against for their flexibility. There are so many issues that happen after the municipal war. Inside the Civil Warfare the North had many advantages within the South. The South was outnumbered, out supplied. Many things changed as a result of Civil Conflict. After the Detrimental War anything wasn't going so well, everything that was destroyed needed to be rebuilt. Additionally they passed laws and regulations to give blacks equal legal rights, but they were still mistreated when right now there wasn't whatever could be performed. Eventually blacks got the rights to vote as well as the south was rebuilding themselves. They also received the privileges to election and show up at schools. Even more most blacks the emancipation and the closing of the city war was a huge alter; socially, economically and noteworthy. In 1865 Booker Big t. Washington great family relocated to West Va where he performed as a salt packer. Booker was a past slave and an educator. In 1881, he founded the Tuskegee Commence in The state of alabama. In 1872, Booker To. Washington still left home and walked five-hundred miles to Hampton Usual Agricultural Company in Va. Along the way he took peculiar jobs to address himself. He convinced administrators to let him attend the college and got a job as a janitor to aid pay his tuition. The school's president and head man, Basic Samuel C. Armstrong, quickly discovered the hardworking man and provided him a scholarship. Booker was the 1st teacher of Tuskegee Commence. Booker Big t. Washington became the public spookesperson for the black community and those who have believed that education skills. They also give education for ladies in preparing food and medical. Many black men received skills in carpentry and education. It was a great way for blacks to receive higher education.

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