Boscastle Flooding paperwork

 Boscastle Flooding notes Dissertation

п»їThe Boscastle Massive amounts: August 16th 2004.



A hot time in August (16th 2004)

Seriously torrential thunderstorm 60 mms in two hours

Really tall convectional clouds

The remnants of Hurricane Alex

Valley condition

Really sharp sided profound valleys from the R. Valency and the R. Jordan The valleys direct the water down towards Boscastle

Small ‘flashy' catchments that funnel water into estuaries and rivers quickly. twenty three sq . km. Rivers run off the excessive ground of Bodmin Moor (relief rainfall) Geology

Insobornable rocks (slates and granite) and clay soils


Boscastle constructed beside the ocean on a flood plain at the end of the filter river valleys.


. Around 1000 citizens and guests are believed to have been influenced in this disastrous event. • Miraculously, there are no fatalities, with just one reported casualty - a broken thumb. • 7 helicopters airlifted 100 people (including six firefighters) to safety. • 29 out from the 31 Cornwall County Open fire Brigade stations were mixed up in incident. They will remained at Boscastle intended for 7 days, supporting in the clean-up operation. • 58 houses were bombarded, 4 of which were demolished including The Visitor Centre, • A further 40 properties had been flooded consist of villages

• 4 footbridges along the Valency Valley were washed away. • 84 wrecked vehicles were recovered from Boscastle's harbour and streets, thirty-two could still be out at sea. • The system damage to properties and providers, could expense up to £2 million.

Future Prevention Steps

Seen as incredibly exceptional – once in 400 season event – so less need to take action! No-one truly killed (unlike Lynmouth) – so fewer need to work! Most of the residents of Boscastle are underneath no impression, from previous experience the town may well see further surges in the future, although hopefully certainly not on this range. Preventative steps and improvements by the Environment Agency happen to be under approach. They add a new culvert on the Riv Jordan, upstream of the Wellington Hotel, increasing...