English language Belonging dot points

 English Belonging dot points Essay

Belonging – fundamental human require

Experienced through external makes (relationships, place, groups & communities) Can further end up being shaped by simply individual perceptions (values & beliefs) Several societies put in force strict guidelines for people to live by

Crucible simply by Arthur Burns – set in 1692 using a theocratic govt (church head of state) Danforth (state judge) – represents community law:

Reveals rigidity to law when speaking to Francis – " a person is possibly with this kind of court or he is to get counted against it. ” Shows his power if he says " Near to 400 are in jail and 72 to hang by that upon my signature. ” Very risky for residents to ignore rules therefore they use conformity Individuals who reject the external expectations are disempowered John Proctor (protagonist):

Concerns the external values & perceptions as a result of self-identity Principles his marriage higher – but was damaged because of a great attempted affair with Abigail (a lady who charged Proctor's wife of witchcraft) Abigail reattempts to jump Proctor, this individual replies " I will cut-off my hand prior to I ever reach for you again. ” Tries to rekindle relationship with wife – " Upon Sunday let you come with me and most of us walk the farm jointly. ” Miller's play will be based upon true traditional events – often named analogy of anti-communist foreboding and witch hunts business lead by Senator McCarthy in the 1950's. Best rated picture publication " The Island” by Armin Greder

Has a anagnorisis quality

Regarding an incomer washed on an inhabited island and is also taken in but is afterwards sent back out because of incompatibility Just as Burns shows innocent lives damaged by the tight enforcement of conformist belonging in Salem, Greder depicts a total rejection towards the outsider Outsider:

Portrayed as lanky, vulnerable, undressed, short (polar opposite to islanders) Weren't getting skills to perform any task


Instructor referred to him as a fierce, ferocious

Inn owner says " he consumes with his hands! ” – even though having been never presented utensils Mom tells...