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 business modeling Essay

1- the file P02_01. xlsx shows the sexuality and nationality of the MBA incoming course in two successive years at the Kelly school of business at Indiana university or college.

A- For every single year, generate tables of counts of gender associated with nationality. Than create clumn charts of such counts. Carry out they show any obvious change in the composition from the two classes?

B- Repeat part a for nationality, but recode this variable so that all nationalities which have counts of 1 or two are classified as other.

6- The file P02_06. xlsx prospect lists the average time (in minutes) it takes individuals of 379 metropolitan areas to go to work and back home every day.

A- Create a histogram with the daily commute times.

B- Find the most representative typical daily go time throughout this distribution.

C- Find a useful measure of the variability of those average commute times surrounding the mean.

D- The scientific rule for standard deviations indicates that approximately 95% of these common travel occasions will fall season between the pair values? In this particular data set, is this empirical rule at least approximately right?

20- The file P02_21. xlsx customer confidence lndex (CCI) endeavors to assess people's thoughts about general business circumstances, employment opportunities, and the own profits prospects. Month-to-month average principles of the CCI are classified by the file P02_20. xlsx.

A- Produce a time series graph with the CCI values.

B- Have U. S consumers be a little more or fewer confident through time?

C- How will you explain new variations inside the overall pattern of the CCI?

33- The file P02_03. xlsx consists of data coming from a survey of 399 people regarding an environmental policy. Employ filters for every single of the pursuing.

A- Recognize all participants who girl, middle era, and have two children. What is the regular salary of the respondents?

B- Identify every one of the respondents who are older and strongly disagree with all the environmental coverage. What is the typical salary of those...