ORGANIZATION STUDIES product 2 - p3, m1, d1

 BUSINESS STUDIES unit two - p3, m1, d1 Essay

P3 - Illustrate the main physical and technological resources essential in the operation of a picked organisation. M1 – explain how the management of individual, physical and technological assets can improve the performance of any selected company.

In this job I will describe the main physical and technological resources necessary in an company, and how the management of human, physical and technical resources may improve the performance of Petrol station.

Physical resources

Some of the main physical resources for Sainsbury are; all their premises, machinery, equipment, materials and their inventory. I have listed these since the main methods required as they are huge factoring reasons as to the reasons and how Tesco makes this sort of huge amounts of revenue.

A company can't execute its day to day activities without having a process in place which in turn manages physical resources. Physical resources can include; buildings and premises, machines, materials (and even waste) and tools. Businesses ought to manage it is premises relating to size, the environment and placement of the business and even according to it is customer demands, wants and requirements mainly because it needs property to operate. The management from the businesses equipment greatly helps increase performance of Tesco since it means they will produce products faster, deliver and acquire products quicker, and provide customers quicker and more proficiently. Lack of gear or awful management in Tesco can mean development of products and customer service in a few aspects of the organization running didn't want to be accomplished as successfully or in any way. Things categorized as equipment could be THIS hardware and software that has to both become managed extremely carefully. Nobody unauthorised to accomplish this should be able to get the THIS hardware, this is often enforced with physical limitations and monitoring. The software also need to be shielded with satisfactory security and firewalls and so forth to prevent persons from getting at Tesco's directories of customers...