Candle Race

 Candle Competition Essay

п»їCandle race


To determine if color elements into how quickly a candle will burn

Additional information

Candle lights have some rather interesting chemistry (as you'll find about with this experiment). Have some fun and find out what color candlestick burns the fastest by simply conducting your own candle competition!

Required elements

5 candles of different colors, ideally white, lilac, yellow, green, and green (must be same brand and size) Ruler

Marker or Sharpie

Matches or perhaps lighter


Clay, Putty, or Enjoy dough

Porcelain plate

Stop Watch


Laptop (to record results)

Estimated Experiment Time

About 1 to 2 hours

Step-By-Step Procedure

1 ) В Using your scissors, slice the wicks of each candlestick so that they will be identical long. Use your ruler to verify that every candle wick is of similar length. 2 . В Use the ruler to measure one particular inch down from the the top of candle. Following use your marker or perhaps Sharpie and draw a line or perhaps tick tag. You should have 5 candles with similar wicks and with lines one inches from the top. 3. В Place some clay-based (or putty or enjoy dough) within the plate. Trim it so it covers home plate surface area. You'll be using this surface to hold your candles still, and so make sure it's about 1/2 inch thick. 4. В Gently push every candle into the clay, regarding 3 inches wide apart. The candles should all be vertical (no hovering candles since it could impact the experiment outcome). 5. В Get your stop watch ready and lightweight one of the wax lights. As soon as is actually lit, begin the stopwatch! 6. В When the candle light burns into the black line or tick tag, stop the stopwatch. several. В In the notebook record the candle light color and the time it was a little while until to lose. 8. В Repeat steps your five through almost 8 for each candlestick.

9. В Compare your outcomes. Which candle burned the fastest?


Small slender candles job the best with this experiment. Is actually recommended to work with birthday candles as they are easily available in supermarkets. Also, ensure that you get help from the when it comes time to light all those candles!


Was the rate at which the candles burned up noticeable? Imagine if you were to use candles that were thicker? How about kinds that were thin? Would it impact the burn price? What would happen if you were to enclosed the fastest using candle in a jar? Do you think it would burn perfectly rate? Suppose you tried with a large jar or a small container?


Wax lights burn resulting from two components working together, the wick plus the wax. Polish is a chemical substance compound that is composed of hydrogen and co2 atoms and they are plastic for room temperatures. When a wick is lit up the temp eventually goes up above 113 degrees, leading to the wax to vaporize. For best benefits it's advised to run this kind of experiment many times and assess the data. Which usually candle burned fastest to suit your needs? My Hypothesis was that white colored candles burn faster than colored wax lights. В

My personal Conclusion is that Red Candles burn the quickest. Light candles tend not to burn faster than colored candles because all the coloured candles burn quicker compared to the white candlestick. My Hypothesis wasn'tВ backed.

I. Assertion of Goal and Speculation:

My topic was about burning candles. I needed to find out what color candle would lose the speediest. My speculation stated

that, if I burned five candles, one red, 1 white, 1 yellow, 1 purple, and one green, then the white one would burn the fastest.

II. Methodology

My spouse and i tested my hypothesis by simply burning five candles. The materials that we used had been a ruler, stop watch, black maker, candle lights, candle cases, and matches. The factors that were stored the same had been the candle's brand, whenever we started to burn them, the length and width from the candle, space temperature, and distance between candles. All those things was different was that the candles had been different colors. To carry out my

project We first set the candles several inches apart. Then I proclaimed a series one inches down form the wick to each candle. I quickly lit them all...

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My trouble scenario is that I would would like to know what color candles burn longest. My hypothesis was that all the candles would go away at the same time. To conduct this kind of I put six wax lights together, burned them, and marked what time they went out in. My outcomes showed the darker candle lights seemed to lose a little bit quicker than brighter colored candles. My conclusions were that if the candlestick is a more dark color it will eventually burn out a bit faster. The alternative goes for brighter colored wax lights.