Case Study: When Radiation Therapy Kills.

 Case Study: When Radiation Therapy Eliminates. Essay

Chapter four:

Case Study: Once radiation therapy eliminates.

The principles of values are illustrated in this phase. Ethics is actually a concern of humans who have liberty of choice. Responsibility, accountability and liability will be issues that are raised simply by radiation technology. In this case we come across that the negligence or laziness of the medical technician, the lack of training in the handling from the equipment (software), also in the maintenance of the updates in the software may cause the life a person. These errors cause by humans or equipment can be averted: if computer software had some sort of safeguards that control the number of radiation that they may deliver, in case the technician or perhaps machine providers were even more aware of the message mistakes, that display on the display screen, and if the hospitals had given the right training with their staff. Technicians, hospital plus the software maker all ought to collaborated together to create a common set of basic safety procedures, software features to be able to prevent this kind of to happen, all are responsible. All of them had the capacity to prevent this kind of things to happen and they every decide to blame each other because of their own faults. The use of a central reporting organization could decrease the numbers of radiotherapy errors in the foreseeable future because this permits the state to identify trends and exposures which may create basic safety concerns. Easily were to style electronic application for a thready acceleration, I will certainly infuse type of safe guards that control the amount of the radiation that they can deliver, by this approach trying to avoid the overdose of radiation.

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Chapter 4:

Example: When radiotherapy kills.

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