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Answer any kind of five with the questions listed below.

Precisely what are the goals of Information Program security? Clarify IS reliability Management control and any five tools of secureness management to overcome computer crime. В

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What is Decision Support System? Clarify the components, Decision making Phases and Analytical Models of DSS. В


Discuss Data Reference Management Systems? Why these types of technologies viewed as backbone of recent Information Systems? В


What M-Commerce Services and Applications a business should incorporate in its Information System? What operation brilliance will they provide to the business? В


Write short notes upon any 3 of the subsequent

a) Information System planning and approaches.

b) Pre-requisites of Information Systems development?

c) Physical & Reasonable DFD

d) Gantt Chart

e) ERD Diagram В


Explain organization as a system. Define Hierarchical composition of an organization and discuss how qualities of information alterations while traversing different numbers of management. В


What challenges do you see to get a company that wants to apply collaborative program integration of its numerous services and departments? Just how would a company meet this kind of challenges? В

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Precisely what is Information Program Prototyping? Detailing the concept of Program Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Discuss in depth the activities linked to development of E-Commerce based Data System within an organization.

Q. Make sure you read the case study given below and answer the questions presented at the end

Case Study

The around past observed the effective implementation with the online providers including Digital Customer Marriage Management (e-CRM) solution by the US-based THIS giant APPLE. The getting pregnant and rendering of on the web e-CRM answer by IBM was slated in association with the main CRM software merchant - Siebel Systems.

The process then IBM to implement the e-CRM option describing the systems buildings faced tremendously challenges in implementing the perfect solution is, but the benefits reaped by company after the implementation were enormous. В

In January 2000, APPLE, the $86 billion THAT company, embarked on the largest electronic based Customer Relationship Administration (e-CRM) job known during those times. Termed CRM 2000, the project geared towards ensuring that virtually any point of interface between the customer and IBM, through any of it is channels, in just about any country, was dealt with consistently, providing similar service level, applying a similar tools and information.

In other words, APPLE wanted to present a specific interface to its consumers across the world. In 2004, 4 years following your project, the company was very well on its way toward fulfilling it is objective, revealing significant improvement in client satisfaction levels. В

To manage the worldwide installation of Siebel's e-CRM applications, IBM launched a global program. Installing of e-CRM devices was simply a part of the implementation process of CRM solutions at APPLE. A more important task was going to manage inside business procedure changes following installation. В

The application of the e-CRM solution let to significant productivity improvement at various IBM units within a yr of rendering. Without increasing the number of personnel manning phone centers, even more number of calls could be handled and more prospects were generated. В

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Discuss the importance of putting into action an online CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT solution within a large multi-product, multinational organization.

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Discuss the implementation technique of a huge e-CRM task in a leading IT firm in the world.

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