Casey Anthony

 Casey Anthony Composition

Julie Bleifuss

Criminal Law

Bernie Hogancamp

Course Task 8-8-12

Courtroom trials are incredibly interesting in my experience and I really enjoyed clerking for all judges and being able to watch many methods from beginning to end. The case I use chosen is a jury trial and that court ends up being seven ladies and five men. The felony laws that were violated were many beginning with Child Neglect, making false official assertions and obstructing an investigation. Forging checks, fraudulent use of identification and petty theft, first degree murder, aggravated child abuse cut manslaughter and 4 counts of lying to law enforcement. Going the prosecution was the Ag of Fruit County California with several of the Assistant District Lawyer's. The protection has Jose Baez and what they were calling a ‘team' of defense counsel, which actually wound up only getting 3. Judge Belvin Perry was for the bench and all sorts of the witnesses that were in both the declares list of witnesses to phone but the defense as well. The end result of this trial rocked area as the verdict was read live which were Not Guilty of Irritated Murder, Irritated Child Maltreatment and Cut Manslaughter. The defendant was found responsible on 5 counts in the forgery of checks and was a certain amount for period served, after that released coming from jail. Casey anthony murder made national news for several days and remained the best story. Your woman had been incurred and caught with murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey denied ever before knowing everything to the police of her location and told law enforcement that her nanny had taken Caylee by simply force and she have been looking for her in different paths, to supposedly protect the kid. Also saying she needs to have contacted law enforcement officials sooner than 31 days preceding, but she was in dread for her young one's life was the story your woman stuck to. After staying jailed and held devoid of bond photos of the fresh mother had been posted across " My own Space" laying out Casey Anthony while nothing...

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