problems of pakistan

 problems of pakistan Dissertation

1: instabillity of democracy........ dysfunctional function of democracy in nation (discussing below millitarism, feudalism, corrupt and selfish political figures, conspiracies, pin the consequence on game of rulers and so forth )

a couple of: Bloch nationalism movement(blochistan crisis)

3: sectarianism, extremism, terrorism

4: corruption

5: nepotism and red-tapism

6: ineffectiveness of bureacracy(corrupt governmental machinery )

7: poverty

almost 8: population huge

9: illetracy

10: shaky economic advancement

11: females issues(women empowerment s issue)

12: condition of lawlessness and disturbance

13: extension of the courtroom decision(unavailability of justice legally)

14: unethical and immoral issues and trends

15: degradation of islamic and traditional values

16: medication addiction and drug-trafficking, smuggling

17: evironmental pollution

18: unemployment

i wrote abt 20 concerns in outlines but now i actually forgot what r remaining ones! anyhow i published abt 16/17 pages, having my normal 175 to200 words per page............... when it was second time paper......... there was clearly too much popular and damp atmosphere......... it had been too difficult to concentrate therefore properly due to this reason and tiresome anohter reason........... in begining i started essay in good way and go over all complications eloborately which includes recommendations......... although at end i mentioned all remaining problems briefly as challenges r various but the time has been the time hath been short therefore i just summup quickly by discussing quickly all leftover problems with several recommendations(every heading of issue wiht 6-8 lines) then simply there h conclusion

i actually wrote abt a page of conclusion although i think it was not so remarkable as the time has been the time hath been finnishing and i just published quickly

Take note i couldnt mention facts and statistics as essential in speaking about some challenges like low income, unemployment, illiteracy, pollution, inhabitants etc ..... i simply mentioned these kinds of r big problems, effects on the nation s improvement, rational method to solve to