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Rajasthan Community Service Commission rate

Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive Evaluation New Plan of Evaluation and Syllabus (2013) NIVEL Mains (New Pattern) Scheme of Assessment: (a) The quantity of candidates to be admitted towards the Main Examination will be 12-15 times the total approximate quantity of vacancies (category wise) being filled in the year in the different Services and posts, but in the said range those candidates who secure precisely the same percentage of marks because may be set by the Commission payment for any reduced range will be admitted to the Main Examination. (b) The written examination will contain the following four papers that is descriptive /analytical. A candidate need to take each of the papers the following which will likewise consist of issue paper of brief, medium, long answer and descriptive type question. The standard of General Hindi and Standard English will be that of Sr. Secondary Level. The time brought about each newspaper shall be several hours. Newspaper I 2 III 4 Subject General Studies –I General Studies-II General Studies-III General Hindi and Standard English Represents 200 2 hundred 200 two hundred Time three or more Hours 3 Hours three or more Hours a few Hours


Paper – I Public knowledge and Standard Studies

History, Art, Culture, Literature, Custom & Historical past of Rajasthan п‚— Main п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚—

Attractions in the Great Rajasthan, Key Dynasties, their Administrative and Revenue Program. Socio-cultural Concerns. Freedom Activity, Political Awakening and The use Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments Disciplines, Paintings and Handicrafts. Significant Works of Rajasthani literature. Local Dilects Fairs, Conventions, Folk Music and Folk Dances. Rajsathani Culture, Practices and Heritage. Religious Actions, Saints& Elektrotriebfahrzeug devtas of Rajasthan. Essential Tourist Areas. Leading Individuality of Rajasthan

Indian Record

Ancient & Medieval Period: п‚— Salient features and Major Landmarks of Ancient and Medieval India. п‚— Art, Culture, Literary works and Structure. п‚— Key Dynasties, Administrative, Social and Economic system. Socio-cultural Issues, Prominent Movements. п‚— Ancient Indian Cultural Program & Ideals- Varna Vyavastha, Ashram Vyavastha, Sanskar Vyavastha, Doctrine of Purushartha, Rina and Rita. п‚— Secularism, Religious Tolerance, Religious Unity. Modern Period: п‚— Modern Indian background from regarding the middle of the eighteenth hundred years until the present- significant events, personalities, issues. п‚— The liberty Struggle & Indian Countrywide Movement- their various levels and important contributors /contributions from various areas of the country. п‚— Social and Religious reform movements inside the 19th and 20th century. п‚— Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country.

Good Modern Globe

п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚—

Renaissance and Reformations. American War of Freedom. Industrial Wave, French Trend and Russian Revolution. Imperialism and colonialism in Asia and The african continent. World Conflict First and World Conflict Second.

Of india Constitution, Politics System & Governance

п‚— Indian Metabolic rate: historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments,

significant provisions and basic framework. п‚— Determinants and Mother nature of Indian Politics, Selection and Voting Behavior, Cabale Governments. п‚— Parliamentary Sort of Government. п‚— Federal Aspect. 2

п‚— Judicial Review. п‚— Difficulties of Nationwide Integration.

Management System of Rajasthan

п‚— Management Setup and Administrative Traditions in Rajasthan. п‚— Different Rights and Citizen Charter.

Economic Concepts and Of india Economy

п‚— Accounting- Techniques of Analysis of Financial Statements, Working Capital п‚— п‚—

п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚—

п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚— п‚—

Management. Auditing- Meaning, Objects, Detection of Frauds and Errors, Inner Control, Interpersonal Audit, Propriety Audit, Overall performance Audit, Performance Audit. Budgeting- Different types of Cost management, Budgetary Control, Responsibility Accounting, Social Accounting, Different types of Deficits-...