Chinese Student Experience with Searching Academic Resource--Proposal

 Chinese Scholar Experience with Searching Academic Resource--Proposal Essay


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INF314 schoolwork: Critique of your previous feuille

Introduction: Information on the dissertation for which you will be providing a analyze:

Author (year): LIPENG WANG (2011)


Cause of choice:

1 ) This feuille have comparable topic with mine, I believe I can access valuable parts from this dissertation. 2 . Match up against other composition, this more focus on academics context and International students' behaviour, which can be relevant to my own dissertation location. 3. We use equally questionnaire and interview to gather data. some. According to author's guide, I probably can find the useful resources to my own dissertation.

Feedback on the dissertation:

Provide a simple discussion of each of the following facets of the dissertation

Clarity of focus and context

The focus on this dissertation is usually not clear, the goal which he mentioned right from the start is worldwide students' data behaviour within a practical educational context, however , some examples he picked up by interview that seems like how you can solve the challenge when you compose your feuille. The context of each component should be even more syncretic. For example, he should relate his results examination with current information conduct model which will he found in literature. I do think he make use of too many section to expose the basic details about methodology. He should do more about what he previously been performed. | Diamond with the literatureHe separated this kind of in 4 parts, that happen to be related with his aim of this study. Initially part regarding information behavior model, I do believe he examine lots of catalogs to find several model, this individual pick up four model, compare with each other, the literature use in this part is good. In that case he evaluation the international students details behaviour, offered the problems and solutions. In third portion, he connected information behavior model and students' information behaviour, especially on educational context. Yet , I think you will discover not too many literatures about intercontinental information actions with the model he mentioned. In total, the literatures this individual used are excellent. |

Methodology and Implementation

He applied both questionnaire and interview way to get the data. seventy participants from this questionnaire survey, however merely 52 valid completed participants. I think the problem is the style of his questionnaire. You will discover two disadvantages of this set of questions. First, each of the participants will be volunteer, they have not too much effort and individual to do the questionnaire, consequently , single decision or multi-choice question could be best...

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