Circumstance Stduy on Citibank Overall performance Management

 Case Stduy on Citibank Performance Managing Essay


The case revolves around the performance analysis process at Citibank and the introduction of the new functionality scorecard. The meeting is between the Director of Citibank, California wonderful management to discuss the performance evaluation and bonus decisions for James McGaran, the star musician of the department James job with Citibank has been a speedy progression through the ranks through the assistant department manager to the manager location. His efficiency exceeded targets in every one year especially financial benefits which have been really impressive. The corporation introduced the new performance scorecard which reflected the company's broadening of the analysis scope to customer satisfaction rating. Frits Seegers, President of Citibank Cal, was persuaded that customer satisfaction indicator was important not only for getting together with ever-increasing anticipations of highly-sophisticated clients, also for achieving proper goals with the division, remaining competitive. Efficiency of David was amazing in all the proportions except Client satisfaction which is an important dimension pertaining to measuring efficiency especially in financial sector Aims

1 ) Understanding the need for performance scorecard, why in the first place it is implemented, does it match the company's approach, how does it work and what will the corporation as well as their employees obtain out of this performance analysis system?

2 . Understanding each of the components of the performance analysis system, all their relevance and importance towards the system and what variables the components included will be evaluated.

3. Attracting objectivity for the components involved in the performance analysis system since any part with subjective evaluation can cause an eclectic result and therefore can show negative effect on the incentives and other related areas.


•Performance evaluation of James McGaran.

James McGaran was the manager...