Coconut Sap Sugar Creation

 Essay regarding Coconut Systems applications and products Sugar Production

Project pitch

Project Title; Coconut Sap Sugar Development

Proponent: Franklin A. Co

Cebu technological University Agriculture Extension Club. Barili, Cebu. 09055713100

Proposed benificiaries; Japitan Multi-purpose Cooperative

Area of execution; barangay Japitan Barili, Cebu

Time Frame: 3 years

Budgetary requirements: php 5, 000


The systems applications and products or toddy, like that of other hands is a preferred beverage in tropical countries, either in the natural point out or after fermentation which takes place within a that same day. But cocorota sap sugars in particular is definitely produced from hot coconut sap before this starts to levain.

Coco systems applications and products sugar is one of toddy products, for some reason cause a great alarm towards the local and international industry. Although the the best of this item as a sweetener has not been totally exploited it may very well give the improvement of nutrition and health of consumers, aside from raising income.

Because of plenty of social rewards derived from cocosap sugar productions recommendations occur and suggestions for countryside salary generation were conceived. Entrepreneurial trainings to get enhancement after that were made for purposes of promoting tranquility and expansion in a given locality.

project objectives;

Provide practical training about coco sugars making

To produce derived from in your area available coconut sap

Give additional source of income and sustenance opportunities to the city

methods tricks of implementation

technological ingenuity will be provided to the suggested beneficiaries. Processing of coconut sugar; coconut toddy will be collected by farmers increase in purchased by the proposed benificiaries which will in that case be prepared into coconut sugar and packaged. Marketing: l regarding 98% with the production volume level will be sold( production loss estimated in 2%). Items will be bought from retail and wholesale and can picked up by the buyers at the...