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? 1 . [Smith, Thelon, et approach. ] Which in the following experimental manipulations Built infants *less* likely to make the A-not-B error?

A2. Conservation

2 . [General] The trend of synaesthesia supports which of the pursuing Conclusions regarding modularity inside the human intellectual architecture? A2. supports the idea that the color-induction process in grapheme-color synaesthesia is computerized -concurrent color sensation is definitely treated by brain being a meaningful stimulus subject to contextual integration procedure

3. [Cosmides and Tooby] Among the following goals, that is not an purpose of evolutionary psychology?


-swing from the nature/nurture pendulum

-behavior genetics

-general purpose mechanisms

-fitness-maximization is a emotionally represented aim

4. [Class] " Theory of mind" refers to...

A4. People's concepts about their very own and others' mental claims -- of their feelings, perceptions, and thoughts and the tendencies these may predict a few. [Class] Which usually of the next experiments, a video of which was shown in class, is used to assess whether young children understand the notion of conservation?

A5. Conservation

6th. [Seeley et 's. ] Why is inhibited important in decision-making networks?

A6. Because the inhibitory cable connections help insure that the merely one of the alternatives is selected and may enables statistically ideal decision making.

7. [Brang et al. as well as Ramachandran] In the videotaped lecture of Ramachandran, he describes people who automatically imagine numbers organized in a spatial sequence with specific spots for each amount. Their self-reports of the spatial layout match which with the following measurable phenomena?


8. [Henrich et approach. ] Egocentric versus allocentric space reasoning was used by these kinds of authors to illustrate a contrast between which two sorts of human foule?

? A8. Egocentric= location of objects relative to self/ the man is on the left side of the flag pole Allocentric= 1 . Cardinal direction/ the person is kept of the house

2 . Innate or subject centered /The man at the rear of the house Among children and adults via different societies and wonderful apes

? 9. [Cosmides and Tooby] How is definitely the relationship of genes and environment to cognitive architecture described in the evolutionary psychology primer?


? 10. [Todd and Gigerenzer] How much does it indicate to claim that humans show bounded rationality?


? 11. [Tversky and Kahneman] Which with the following is an example of the representativeness heuristic?

? 12. [Smith, Thelen, et approach. ] Which with the following best describes the key differences between what these types of authors phone the " classic perspective of reaching" and their " embodied view” of achieving?

? 13. [Frank ainsi que al. ] The Pirahã terminology is considered a challenge to Chomsky's theory of language because:

? 14. [Seeley ainsi que al. ] In what ways are bee swarms like stressed systems?


? 15. [Class] Which of the following is an example of cognitive mounting? theory of language since:

17. [Cosmides & Tooby] These authors wrote, " Our nerve organs circuits had been designed by normal selection to resolve problems that the ancestors confronted during the species' historical past. " Among the examples of cognitive challenges that they discuss, which of the subsequent is Not just one that we are made to solve?

A17. To Solve:

-any old kind

-adaptive: opened again and again during evolutionary history, option affected the reproduction of individual creatures

? 18. [General] Identify which of the subsequent things coming from experiments covered since the midterm were directly measured:

? 19. [Brang et al. /Ramachandran] Color-grapheme synesthesia would improve performance in which of the subsequent perceptual tasks?

? 20. [Tversky and Kahneman] Which with the following is usually an example of the availability heuristic?

twenty-one. [Henrich et approach. ] Which in the following finest describes just how subjects via Western Well-informed Industrialized Wealthy Democratic...