Compare and Contrast Essay: the Play Antigone and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

 Compare and Contrast Dissertation: the Perform Antigone and Harry Potter and the Captive of Azkaban

Nicollette Unglaub

The english language 101

May well 6, 2011

Compare and Contrast Article

The play Antigone and Harry Knitter and the Captive of Azkaban are similar because, the character types in each have similar features. They both have the same themes of payback, social proper rights, and payoff. The similarities between both of these show that Greek literary works is still relevant in today's world.

The play Antigone is about Oedipus' two daughters both dying in challenge, and is given an appropriate burial plus the other is definitely left out within a field to become untouched by anyone. Anybody tries to bury him they shall be punished by Creon. Antigone felt that her buddy deserved being buried and was going to manage it herself, even if she would be penalized for it. When ever Creon got news of Antigone's activities he didn't want to believe his sons shortly to be better half would carry out such a specific thing but this individual knew he needed to continue with his term and punished her to death. People in the metropolis did not go along with Creon's decision to destroy Antigone, therefore he decided to have her locked within a cave to suffer. Generally there in the cave Antigone hung herself, when ever Creons boy went out to look for Antigone and found her lifeless he then slain himself. Creon decided that locking Antigone in a cave was likewise not the right thing to do therefore he sent out to obtain her, However they were too late and found both of them dead. The moment Creon's wife got news of her son's death she as well killed very little.

Harry Knitter and the Captive of Azkaban is about Harry's third 12 months at Hogwarts. News is certainly going around the Sirius Black features escaped coming from Azkaban, looking for Harry. Harry is aware not to go searching for Sirius and that Hogwarts is not just a safe place for him this year, Harry being Harry goes looking for Sirius Dark late during the night and leads to trouble.

The Play Antigone and the motion picture Harry Knitter and the Captive of Azkaban both have designs of vengeance in all of them. In the video Harry Potter's parents perished when he was obviously a baby, initially of the motion picture Harry discovers that...