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 Consumer Safety Essay


International Journal of Multidisciplinary Analysis Vol. 1 Issue you, May 2011, ISSN 2231-5780


Ms Kiran Chaudhry*; Ms Tanu Chandhiok**; Mrs Parveen Dewan***

5. Assistant Teacher, Shivaji College or university, University of Delhi, Delhi, India **Lecturer, Yamuna Selection of Institutions, Gadholi, Jagadhri, Haryana, India *** Principal, Sanatan Dharam Model School Jagadhri, Yamunanagar, Haryana, India

__________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT The process of development coupled with increasing liberalisation and globalisation across the country features enabled buyers to realise all their increasingly important role in culture and governance. However , attention of the marketplace power inside the hands of a select few provides affected consumers' behaviour after some time. In a producing country like India where incidence of poverty and unemployment is incredibly high and the level of literacy is very low, the people confront a amount of problems, especially in the circumstance of consumer related concerns. Unlike in the developed world, consumers during these countries have not been able to play a greater position in the development process. Through this paper a great analysis has been to explore the client protection and consumerism in India. KEYWORDS: Consumer Protection, Consumerism, Right to Safety, Customer Education, Redressal. ______________________________________________________________________________


Consumer rights are an crucial part of existence like the consumerist way of life. Most of us have made use of all of them at some point in our daily lives. Market solutions and impacts are developing 83 by the day and thus is the understanding of one's buyer rights. These types of rights are well defined and agencies just like the Government, consumer courts and voluntary agencies that work toward safeguarding. While we want to know about the rights and make full use of all of them, consumer responsibility is a place which is still not demarcated and it is hard to spell out that all the responsibility is that a consumer should really shoulder. Consumer rights would be the rights provided to a " consumer" to protect him/her by being scammed by

salesman/manufacturer/shopkeeper. Consumer security laws are made to ensure fair trade competition and the cost-free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. The laws are designed


Worldwide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Vol. one particular Issue 1, May 2011, ISSN 2231-5780

to prevent businesses that participate in fraud or specified unjust practices via gaining an edge over rivals and may give additional safety for the weak and people unable to care for themselves. Consumer Protection laws are a kind of government regulation which seek to protect the rights of consumers.

The purpose of economical planning is usually to allocate resources, as far as conceivable, for the utmost satisfaction of consumers' requirements. Any services or goods produced in an economy are ultimately suitable for consumers. We have a logical, moral and political force inside the proposition the fact that consumers themselves should have the justification to take decisions about the allocation of resources for their own needs. Understanding this want, the Worldwide Organisation of Consumer Assemblage, now generally known as Consumers Intercontinental, took the initiative and under their consistent lobbying, the Un adopted a couple of Guidelines for Consumer Security on The spring 9, 1985 which were modified in 1999. The rules address the interests and desires of consumers around the world and provide a framework intended for Governments, particularly those of producing and newly independent countries, to use pertaining to elaborating and strengthening customer protection policies and legislation. Consumer safety means shielding the privileges and passions of consumers. It includes all the actions aimed at protecting the privileges and pursuits of consumers. Buyers need security due to...

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Worldwide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Vol. 1 Issue one particular, May 2011, ISSN 2231-5780

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