Control Systems of Energi Foods, Inc.

 Essay about Control Components of Kraft Foods, Incorporation.

Control Systems of Kraft Foods, Inc.

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Control Mechanisms of Kraft Foods, Inc.

Control is defined as " any process that blows the activities of people toward the achievement of organizational goals” (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 574). Effective control systems can help organizations in achieving all their objectives, while ineffective controls can be damaging, costly, or perhaps the termination of the company's businesses. Whether these kinds of ambitions consist of profitability, advancement or highly rated customer service, systems must be in place to ensure success. This essay evaluates types, comparison and performance of control mechanisms, positive and bad reactions to the use of these types of controls, and the affect the control mechanisms have on the 4 functions of management at Kraft Food Corporation. Energi Foods Firm, the largest global food manufacturer in the United States and second greatest in the world, aims to have high level financial functionality and provides specific strategies to achieve this goal. This company is targeted on building a excellent functioning organization that has good leadership and " puts local sections at the heart in the company and so decisions are manufactured closer to the consumer” (Kraft Foods, Incorporation., 2010, pra. 2). To optimize this kind of goal Kraft has made a structural company change to their operational and managerial control mechanisms. Kraft has altered its initial organizational matrix to a decentralized structure therefore distributing more internal control to the business units. Deploying methods where these were needed and giving managers more liberty to act, this internal operational control change shifted responsibility to person business units (Rosenfeld, 2009). Kraft is strategizing in the remodelling of the brands by simply " strengthening business in existing categories and marketplaces whilst expanding the collection and improvements in fresh and fast growing markets”...

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