Costco SWOT Analysis

 Costco SWOT Analysis Dissertation

Selina Palmer

Professor Assuma

MKTG 305

December almost 8, 2014

Costco SWOT Research

Costco can be described as wholesaler as it buys items from suppliers and resells them to the two retailers and consumers. Costco is the second largest retailer in the United States. Its greatest benefits is the wide range of merchandise. Costco has many locations and has retail outlets in other countries. At first, Costco was merged with Price Golf club and the initial executives belonged to both corporations. However , Terrain and Robert Price left to start Selling price enterprises which can be no longer available today. It was not right up until 1997 all stores officially changed their name to Costco. Today annual revenue is in overabundance 77 billion US dollars. Costco has a huge target audience which includes the family seeing that families want to buy equally to keep issues on hand. Nevertheless , Costco has merchandise for kids and a lot of sole people go to Costco too so it can easily appeal to pretty much everybody. Businesses are an additional target market since a lot of smaller businesses can get the goods they want for a price you can afford and have it in bulk. Bakeries for instance acquire drinks, pastries, and breads which can be sold at a higher price. Costco's main rival is Sam's Club. Sam's Club can be owned simply by Wal-Mart which will helps Costco because small enterprises do not support Sam's Club as much as Costco. A lot involves image. Costco buys brands and renames them underneath the Kirkland identity. Sam's Team struggles to be able to rebrand selected products. For instance, in 2002 Costco bought Bumble Bee tuna and renamed that under the Kirkland brand and it sold pretty well. Strengths

One of the major retailers. Costco is one of the best wholesale clubs in the United States. It can be present in thirty-eight countries and operates through 664 facilities. Offer free samples. This entices anybody to buy the product. Good quality meats department. I actually hear a lot of compliments about the meat section at Costco. Their whine selection has a nice range as well. Wonderful customer service

Fast turnover of inventory

Has a wide set up of items categories just like electronics, alcohol, clothing, meals, decorations, and furniture and much more. Sell automotive products including fuel

Also functions consumer and business solutions

Online shopping- online retailers are available for buyers in the UK and Mexico and also the United States and Canada. Costco opened up a business to business online shopping internet site in 2001. Started supplying online photo printing for its members in 2005. Costco members may receive holiday packages for lodge lodging, cruise ships, and theme parks. Business members possess even greater rewards with Costco travel. You can also get discounts on auto insurance and home insurance. Overall, their membership package is better in contrast to Sam's Club. For a forty dollar regular membership with Sam's Club one will get free of charge flat tire repair, battery testing, wiper blade assembly, and a program in which you can buy online and pick up the product on the store in the morning. The advantage in addition membership for Sam's Membership for one hundred or so dollars will get one these perks additionally early bird shopping in 7 a. m. which has a discount upon pharmacy prescription drugs and extra yr warranty in select things. Get foodstuff while shopping- Costco gives a menu including sizzling dogs, french fries, a chicken bake, sugary sodas, smoothies and frozen yogurt. Costco knows its buyers get famished while jogging their huge store and many people have probably skipped lunch break or have certainly not eaten lunchtime. The variety of alternatives is attractive with pizzas offered while cheese, pepperoni, veggie, or possibly a combo. The yogurt can be vanilla, candy, or swirled. I think yogurt was a great choice as customers are moving toward healthier alternatives. My opinion is people feel happier about eating a hot dog seeing that he or she decided on a healthy alternative by eating yogurt rather than ice cream and a hot dog equally. Consumers trust the Kirkland brand and believe in Costco having better...