Crash Reflection

 Crash Representation Essay

Racism Reflection

The movie I selected for this project was the Hollywood film Crash. I really enjoyed watching this kind of movie though I have watched it previously before. Crash is the kind of movie to need to view it more often than once to understand the true meaning it can be trying to show about racism. There are many acts of racism that is being shown with this movie in different ways throughout the many personas revealed. Through this movie I came across there to be a lot of topics that occurred, however the top three I felt was most important had been stereotypes, oppression, and bias. Stereotype is identified as the popular idea about a particular type of specific. In the video there was a scene with the locksmith was fixing Jean's locks in the home. She was arguing with her hubby and lifted the point that she is aware the wilton locksmith is going to take advantage of their house and give his secrets to his ‘homeboys' as soon as he leaves. Since she knew having been from an undesirable neighbourhood and was The spanish language she utilized that knowledge to judge him and rank him as being a thief like everyone else via his area. The second theme is oppression which is defined as the work out of expert or electricity in a terrible or unjust manner. In the movie there exists a scene exactly where oppression is usually shown extremely strongly. In this scene the cop drags over the wealthy black few and begins to frisk the women down. The husband could not whatever it takes to defend his wife because he feared pertaining to his status. The cop abused his authority figure and fully commited a crime on the other hand no one may justify that because of his position. Lastly, the third topic used can be prejudice and it is defined as the process of making a judgment or perhaps assumption about someone or something could having enough knowledge to be able to do so. In the movie one of the initial scenes reveals a light couple called Jean and Fred who have are walking down the street collectively. Jean see's two black people jogging towards her on the pavement and immediately wraps her...