Cross-Cultural Perspectives

 Essay regarding Cross-Cultural Views

Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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There are many firms that are in the news today if you are ethically questionable. Companies just like Halliburton and the Iraq war exclusive rights because of Ex - Vice-President Dick Cheney. Chevron was likewise in the spotlight with being falsely accused of throwing 18 billion dollars gallons of toxic spend in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The corporation that will be discussed in this conventional paper is the B Corporation. Burger king is a junk food franchise this is the largest on the globe and features over 1 . 5 , 000, 000 locations. Burger king states within their website below their mission statement " McDonald's brand mission is usually to be our consumers' favorite place and method to eat. The worldwide functions are aligned around a global strategy known as the Plan to Win, which usually center on an exceptional customer knowledge – People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion. We could committed to consistently improving each of our operations and enhancing the customers' experience. ”(para1. ) They also state " All of us operate the business ethically. Sound integrity is good organization. At McDonald's, we maintain ourselves and conduct the business to high specifications of fairness, honesty, and integrity. We are individually responsible and each responsible. ” Some businesses and people domestically and in foreign countries would claim with their mission statement and their ethical aveu. There have been a large number of instances and lawsuits that show Burger king has not always had all their customers' best interest at heart. The same as most other huge corporations earnings is an underlying factor as to why companies carry out certain issues and ensure decisions. They have adapted in order to areas to be able to survive and also thrive in those areas. McDonalds has offended many cultures and religions in its past simply by...

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