Cultural Facts of Ecuador

 Cultural Details of Ecuador Essay

Veronica Duran

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2 interesting details of Ecuadorian traditions

New Year´s Eve

The New Year´s Eve party is one of the most significant traditions in Ecuador. Depending on region is celebrated in a different way but it truly does hold the one thing in common just about everywhere you go: the burning of the " Viejo”. The " viejo” is a girl doll made out of older clothes filled with sawdust (the traditional ones) or nowadays, the ones made out of newspaper and glue (like pinhatas) are becoming more and mre popular as this allows the doll to acquire any shape desired. The " viejos” can be motivated by any character you may be thinking of, the previous days you will see all different varieties of dolls or perhaps the mind (caretas) for sale on the street and " homemade” explosives i did so the using. You can find toon characters, politicians, famous video characters, etc . The " Viejo” signifies the bad points that happened throughout the earlier year that you just wish to lose in order for the next year to be better. That´s why it´s not uncommon to view people throwing and hiting the doll before burning it. The burning should start specifically at 12am. But by 1 i am, along with burning the " viejo” there are a lot of different curious practices and ”cabalas” Ecuadorians practice to celebrate Fresh Year´s Event. For example , a hugely popular one is to eat 12 vineyard as it transforms 1 o´clock. This is believed to hrlp choose a wishes and hopes becoming reality. Another one, is to put funds (dollar bills) inside your footwear on that day, this kind of ensures that funds won´t always be an issue the upcoming season. With under garments there are several issue ecuadorians carry out to attract different things to their lifes. For example use yellow underclothing to attract delight and abundance, red is for love and if you use it inside out to be sure you hardly ever lack apparel the year to come. If what you want should be to travel, getting a suitcase or any kind of luggage (the bigger the better is said) and take a walk or perhaps run around...