Davis v. The Board of county Commissioners of Dona Ana CountyCase

 Essay upon Davis versus. The Panel of county Commissioners of Dona Betisier CountyCase

п»ї1. That which was the legal issue in this case?

The legal issue in this case of Davis v. The Board of county Commissioners of Dona County was, Plaintiff Jacqueline (Davis) file a case against her company The Table of State Commissioners of Dona Choix County. About February twenty-seven, 2004, Davis [ a paralegal ] filed a lawsuit under the Federal Reasonable Labor Specifications Acts (FLSA ). Declaring her workplace failure to pay her for overtime work during lunch time and rest period and for additional work exceeding eight hours a day and 40 hours a week and denial of rest and meal periods. Upon August you, 2002, O'Melveny adopted and binding settlement of most employment-related claims by and against its employees.

1 . What was the legal issue in this case?

The legal issue in the situation of Davis v. The Board of County Commissioners of Dona Ana State involved works of ill-will which could had been avoided.  While used as a detention officer in the Dona Spicilege County Detention Center, Frederick Herrera was accused of unsuitable sexual behavior with female prison inmates along with exchanging mementos for sex acts.  Herrera's supervisor, Frank Steele, investigated the prices and encouraged Herrera that he would always be reprimanded.  Herrera resigned to avoid disciplinary action.  Six times later, Steele wrote a recommendation page on Herrera's behalf that portrayed him as an " excellent employee” and told possible employers:  " My spouse and i am confident that you will find [Herrera] to be an excellent employee. ”  (Walsh, 2010,  p. 149).  Likewise, constructive spoken references were made by one more Detention Centre supervisor.  Plaintiff sued the Region for at fault misrepresentation alleging that the false information provided by the Detention Centre employees, Steele and Mochen, actually brought on Herrera to get hired in MVH and Plaintiff being assaulted.  2 . How come the court docket conclude that Dona Spicilege County could be held accountable for negligent affiliate (misrepresentation)? The court concludes that Dona...