Descriptive Composition

 Descriptive Article

Kiana Aguon

Professor Tiedemann

English 114

01 March 2012

Your survival is the act of surviving; to withstand or live through an problem, adversity, misery, etc . The word survives features the Latina origin through the word Supervīvere super- (faster than, beyond) and –vīvere (to live). The phrase endurance of the fittest was used in the seventeenth century to replace Darwin's term organic selection, " to get rid of or be killed”. Even though the term survival has different meanings, in reference to Suzanne Collins' The Food cravings Games, endurance is used a verb to spell out the work of living through. Katniss goes in the hunger games like a volunteer, which is expected to fight until loss of life, and if the lady so happens to survive she and her family is going to live in Victor's Village. Because the story open, Katniss echoes on her dads death, and how the weight of the family shifted via his shoulder muscles too her shoulders after he go. Katniss communicates her bitterness toward her mother pertaining to leaving her and Prim to fend for themselves. " I thought from the hours put in in the forest with my dad and I realized how we had been going to survive” (Collins, 22). Katniss identifies her discovering the dandelion after seeing Peeta's bruised confront in the schoolyard and how that gave her hope for survival. Dandelions reminded Katniss with the book of plants made up of images and medicinal that her dad added eating plants to. In the beginning from the Hunger Game titles, Katniss' family's means of endurance rested onto her shoulders. She associates term survival with vivid remembrances of her father, and exactly how he used to maintain and complete their family therefore in the middle of getting meals, and the bare necessities on her family to live she should also remember her father, and use every thing he educated her while guide pertaining to the survival of their relatives. As the games embark on and Katniss encounters the fire, and her jacket grabs on fire the girl mentions " This is most I have, the things i carry on my personal back, and its particular little enough to survive with” (Collins, 101)....