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 Information Devices Essay

Week 2 Individual Assignment

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CIS/319 - Personal computers & Details Processing

Week 2 Individual Assignment

Current technology makes it easier to collect different kinds of data today than in the past. It is not only easier, however it can be more quickly and more exact if the appropriate methods of info input are accustomed to collect the info. If the info is entered into a computer it is much simpler to manipulate the information to make the information provided even more beneficial to anybody that desires the data. For instance , a cell phone survey could possibly be conducted having a voice automatic system that could record the responses and enter them into a data source. Even if the review was not carried out using an automated voice program, the answers given by the individual being surveyed could be entered into a database. Once the data has been gathered from the preferred number of people, it could be very easy to investigate the reactions and produce decisions centered off of the details that was gathered. Branded questionnaires, alternatively, such as a evaluation or a published survey could possibly be input into a computer using an optical data audience. This would generate grading a test considerably faster and more impartial because the checks would be won by the laptop. The financial industry includes a massive amount of information to be refined on a daily basis. Things such as financial institution checks, simply because include magnetic ink, could be processed utilizing a magnetic ink character identification device. In the event the banks would not use this form of processing or maybe a similar process for the millions of inspections that are drafted every day around the world, the market would not be able to keep pace with the economy. Of course in the current society, actually written checks are sometimes considered to be too slow and lots of people and businesses would rather pay using credit cards. Not only do most businesses have to deal with bank checks, but in reality have to keep track of inventory and sales which is usually completed...