Devastation Risk Reduction and Management Equip

 Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Render Essay

The fall of 13, 2012

This is to certify we interviewed Mr. Ruel Lopez of MVERT (Morong Volunteer Emergency Response Team), while our qualified for our Science Investigatory Project.

The fall of 13, 2012

This is to certify we interviewed Mister. Jojo Tamayo of Jamta Wireless Solutions, 04 Cmdr Raymundo St, Morong, Rizal, as our expert for our Research Investigatory Project.

Solar Powered Wireless Tools for Multi-functional Disaster Risk Reduction

Questions for Mr. Ruel Lopez of MVERT (Morong Offer Emergency Response Team):

1 ) How to make each of our project waterproof?

Answer: Put the project on the High place or secure it using a glass circumstance

2 . Exactly what we going to do to improve the project?

Solution: Secure the transmitter within a glass case, the security alarm sound will probably be centralized, Transmitter should have backup, and device should be kept in a building. Every place in the university must notice the alarm/the alarm needs to be centralized. Recess alarm and emergency alarm must be distinct.

a few. What are the effects if we place a -panel to our Project? Answer: You will find positive and negative effects. Initial, the positive results are we are able to use it in daytime and it has a stored energy. Unwanted effects are we can't put it to use in nighttime because there is simply no sunlight and a possibility which the battery will not likely last till night time.

Solar Powered Wireless Equipment for Multi-Purpose Catastrophe Risk Lowering

Questions to get Mr. Jojo Tamayo of Jamta Wifi Solutions:

1 ) What is the voltage for making a Solar power?

Answer: All of the gadgets within our project will need to use 12-volt or 24v. * This individual discussed the best block picture of the -panel. SOLAR PANEL




* The bigger the Panel, The Higher the present

* Consider the number of hours when using the tool

* Book a Source for night

* Elements of the gizmos

* How long does the solar panel become completely charged

5. How long will the...