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 Discussion Ch 10 Chopra  Meindl Essay


Discussion Questions

1 . Consider a supermarket deciding on the size of the replenishment order from Proctor & Gamble. What costs should it think about when making this kind of decision?

The main price categories pertaining to the supermarket's inventory policy are materials costs, buying costs, and holding costs. Material expense is the money paid out to Proctor and Gamble for the products themselves. Buying costs, also referred to as procurement costs, are incurred by requiring the goods from your supplier and are also fixed or in other words that they usually do not vary with the size of the order. Samples of such fixed costs are the labor needed to place the purchase, handle the resultant paperwork and the travel fee to ship the order. The holding expense is the cost to hold one device in products on hand for a particular period of time, generally one year. This kind of cost is changing and involves the cost of capital and all of the expenses associated with bodily storing products on hand – shrinking, spoilage or perhaps obsolescence, insurance, the cost of capital, the cost of the warehouse space, etc .

2 . Discuss how various costs for the supermarket modify as it decreases the great deal size ordered from Proctor & Chance.

While the whole lot size ordered from the provider decreases, the holding expense (variable regarding lot size) decreases. While the lot size lessens, the placing your order cost remains the same, however the annual ordering cost will certainly rise since the total number of orders each year must enhance. As the lot size decreases, the cost of the materials will drop on a per-order basis but actually will stay the same by using an annual basis since total annual demand hasn't improved. The exclusion to this occurs if the provider has a selling price break intended for an buy size over a certain tolerance; in this case the price tag on the goods may increase in case the reduced buy size is not really sufficient to trigger an amazing per product discount.

3. As require at the superstore chain develops, how will you expect the...