Does Religious beliefs Equal Values?

 Does Religion Equal Morality? Essay

Nathan Anderson


Intended for Sam Harris, everything we experience, including spiritual encounters, should be contacted from the position of cause. Harris is actually a neuroscientist, plus the End of religion attempts to work with natural reason to attempt to debunk the common held basis of the western-rooted basis of God.

Harris quickly attaches belief to action. The simple fact that most persons in the world think that God exists, and provides actually had written a book, manuals Harris's key argument that belief buy-ins a assert – the two benignin rather than - around the lives of the people that have all of them and that text messages written by irrational, violent guys are dictating the behavior of its adherents. The one thing almost all religions have in common is intolerance, and assurance of a better life. When Harris admits that needy people will usually do anxious things, this is certainly compounded by simply religion, and argues that with the launch of new conflict technology, religion has become antithetical to our endurance.

Harris has a thesis and a main idea that should certainly by reviewed with the knowning that Harris basically believes that if society were to be wiped clean, being forced to re-learn almost everything, modern faith – needless for your survival – will be placed in precisely the same historical circumstance of Zeus or Odin. Furthermore, Harris suggests that zero society has ever suffered from being too reasonable, equating the blind allegiance of the Nazis and Communists towards the faithful. The act of blind allegiance, Harris states, is required to make evil, and society finds in religious beliefs a " career opportunity”, as he telephone calls it – and he's especially harsh on the Islamic faith.

The New Atheism movement is led by a new comprehension of Atheism that rejects and condemns regulates and all forms of religion. In other words, Harris is convinced that all faith is hazardous and states that regulates are betraying both the sensible and the loyal by ignoring the facets of religion which have been antithetical to society today while...