Pups vs Felines

 Essay about Dogs versus Cats

Which Do You Prefer: Pups or Cats and kittens?


Dogs and cats have been competing for the title of " man's ideal friend" for years. Some people can swear that dogs are the most effective because they are faithful, playful, and friendly. Other folks will threaten that felines make the best pets because they are independent, simple to care for, and they are great seekers. Yes, they are adorable. Certainly, they are both cuddly, but which one makes the greatest pet? This kind of essay will certainly persuade you to lean toward dogs through this debate.


Dogs will love you quite a bit and are incredibly loyal. That they greet you when you get back home, and get you more than cats do. However , dogs require more work since they need to learn to go to the bath room, not munch on issues, and to become obedient with their owners. It's a lot of operate, but it can even be rewarding to view your dog perform tricks like rolling more than, fetch, and shaking hands. Cats are super easy to take care of, self-employed, and do not desire a lot of focus. But they may not be trained how dogs may, because cats and kittens are not since smart because dogs. Actually research demonstrates the average doggie can study 165 words and phrases, while a cat can understand 35 words and phrases (source animalplanet. com). Big brains produce great good friends. Small brains........ well type of.


Canines can also perform tasks that help us. Dogs are strong pets or animals that will protect their owners and guard all their homes. Actually some argue that dogs are definitely the " best security system funds can buy" (source usacarry. com). Canines can also aid in tasks that humans have trouble with, or cannot do. For instance , dogs can save people coming from drowning, serve on dog units of the police force, participate in search and rescue teams, or help the blind see (source sciencekids. com). Felines cannot do any of these things. In fact , probably the most famous dogs from record is Balto, a sled dog coming from Alaska who led a team by using a blizzard in 1925 to bring life keeping medicine by Anchorage to Nome (source Wikipedia). A cat could do not have done that.

Dogs are social...