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1) Joanna's diagnosis of the situation is that the section was reasonably inefficient. The workload was not spread similarly and quite. Magdalena as well as the new staff had a great deal of paperwork, as the clique acquired time to interact socially and not to do work. Furthermore, Sam and Jose hardly ever reviewed the job done by the department; we were holding only dedicated to case chronicles. The employees knew very little regarding the section and couldn't really make clear the purpose of their particular job. Therefore , the comfort was likewise low which resulted in inefficiency. 2) I believe she should recommend that the workload needs to be more evenly distributed throughout all of the employees so that everyone has a simlar amount of work to perform. Also, Elena should leave of her position of management for two reasons. First of all, she did not like her job because position as well as the clique never truly listened to her. In addition , Mike and Jose should review the work created by their division, and the staff should receive more details about their division so they can know the dimensions of the purpose of their job. 3) Sam and Jose include a more assigned style of management than Elena. At first, they are all did not like being inside the Donor Service department, but then liked doing work in the discipline later on. They will relied in Elena for the administration, and sometimes showed up just to greet her. Nevertheless , Elena's supervision style is fairly different from Sam and Jose; she is a nervous person, who does the work but is not a fantastic leader. A person in her placement must have supervision and command skills. She's also disrespected by her employees, and is ignored once she tells them to do things. 4) Motivation can be superior if the employees did the clerical function, and translated the messages instead of letting Sam's executive admin translate the messages. This will improve the person-job fit marriage as the employees' requirements are met. They will then simply feel that there is a purpose...