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Group E-Portfolio

Part A: Product

The (Brand Name) is a United kingdom brand consisting of perfect combination of style, fashion and practicality bags. The (Brand Name) is actually a Tote Handbag as it is a medium to large bag with two adjustable straps therefore their customers can easily decide which you are suitable for them. The Carrier bags has an open top however (Brand Name) could keep customers possessions secure using a full-length zero so it won't get damp or stolen easily. (Brand Name) may have different parts so the consumer can find the actual need quickly without draining their entire bag, this will likely be more practical and time efficient for ladies. (Brand Name) will include a padded ipad/mini laptop area and a pocket inside bag for the purchaser's mobile phone. As well, there will be other sections inside the bag which they can place their tote, make up, lunch and papers. The storage compartments will become resizable several usage, as some women may prefer to include bigger sections for makeup rather than for their documents. (Brand Name) will also have two concealed wallets on the both side from the handbag that they can use without having to open the scoot to the inside of the bag. This will likely be included as women can place their car keys or any type of other belongings in these storage compartments where they are kept safe and easy to access. The (Brand name) is a big sized handbag so girls are able to discover their points easily with the sections it includes inside to separate their products in various compartments. This is due to usually when bags will be big it is difficult to find the things you need conveniently as everything is it collectively. Also, with out sections all their belongings will not be put perfectly in their bag this means everything will be disorganised and harder to look for. In the growing industry, (Brand Name) can able to support consumers be organised, have their unique design and near them. As the (Brand Name) with the introduction level of the support life cycle due to being a fresh brand it...

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