Pleasant Area Case Study

 Pleasant Pit Case Study Article

Analysis of Pleasant Area Elementary School

To the Board of Education:

My own name, and i also have been appointed as a advisor to assess Enjoyable Valley Grammar school. I will be taking a look at the school's current approach and will give feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of operate and ideas to improve learners Standards of Learning (SOLs) test results.

The school is within a bit of disarray. The physical plant is not taking care of the issues that have been affecting the school. There is household furniture in the hallways and the building reeks of urine. The present administration can be lacking too. The current record keeping can be described as mess. There is no real framework to ensure record-keeping or to keep track of students' educational achievement or perhaps advancement. A much bigger problem is that there is simply no accountability intended for the instructors. Teachers are usually straying away from the core SOLs, they take discipline trips that are not related to themes at hand. Logistically speaking, class levels are not in the same wings offering a deterrent intended for engaging educators to help one other, and pupil interaction. An additional issue is the fact students are certainly not scoring very well on the SOLs.

Over-all I believe the school needs a change. We have a lot of pressure from the state to have learners perform and meet bigger expectations. The state of hawaii is possessing schools even more accountable to enhance children's instruction. There is a whole lot that needs to be done in order to advanvce Pleasant Pit. First off, the school needs to become cleaner to advertise a healthy learning environment. Instructors will need to be organised accountable, and a way to observe students' progress and achievements should be put into place to help observe and ensure liability of the professors. The places of the sessions should be fixed so the class levels will be near the other person and this will facilitate instructors to provide assist with one another. The college should become a more friendly cooperative...