Strenghts and Weak points

One strenghts of our creation was the use of a large varity of shots through out our advert. Our advert begins with the primary character in medium extended shot and ends over a close up of football boots. We have used photos like lengthy shot, within the shoulder, low angle taken and others. We wanted to create advertisement that has verity of different shot to show the football boots and make that the main protagoinst, to grab the audince's attention. Our intended idea was going to attract the audince attention and i think we now have achieved the goal as the football boots was famous product that stood away. We as well used convincing techniques just like rewards, As an example the football boots 'makes you the best gamer out in the field'. If you don't buy the soccer shoes than you will never be the player you dream away. A weakness of our production was the uses of a large varity of photographs through out out advert. Each of our advert Starts off of with main figure in method ling taken and through out the advertisement, we used the same shot over and over again, which usually doesn't become fleunt and effective even as thought it might have. The production really necessary more significant varity of shots, to help make the football boots stick out and give reasone why this particular football boots is much better and standing out than any other boots to choose from. The photographs we designed didn't intentially go even as planed because the shots we thought of performing was possibly very hard to carry out or impossible to do. This caused it to be hard for people becuase we had to think of new shots to shoot at exact point of the time and also be remembering the shot has to powerful as the other shot we were intented to do. One strenght of our production was the use of sound effects and music. Our advert starts off with an atmospheric football stadium sound impact and gradullay translates to music. We decide to use an energetic music from Black Eyed Peas (Mas O qual Nada), which usually prefectly matches the advert becuase of how fast paced the ad is. We all...